Temporary Fencing for Restaurants

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Restaurant with temporary fence provided by Event Factory Rentals.

Whether by choice or as a result of regulations from the government, restaurants sometimes seek to increase their outside seating for dine-in patrons. Over the years Event Factory Rentals has worked with many dining establishments across Central and Southern California, and is ready as always to assist. Offering premium fence rentals at very reasonable prices as well as superior customer service, Event Factory Rentals is your leading supplier of temporary fencing for restaurants.

One of the reasons why many restaurants and other food & drink establishments rent fencing from our company is that we have a wide variety of high-quality, effective options available to select from. We are pleased to offer chain-link temporary fences in both freestanding and post driven configurations, along with gorgeous white vinyl pickets. These products are extremely helpful for restaurants needing to create or expand outdoor dining in front, to the side, or even behind their premises.

Freestanding chain-link panels are a great rental option for your food & drink establishment if you believe that you’ll only need the temporary fencing in the short or medium term. Our panels are quite easy to install, and allow for rearrangement when desired or required. This restaurant temporary fencing offers the type of flexibility you may need if and when your outdoor dining setup evolves. While not secured to the ground, these chain-link panels are fairly strong in their own right, and can typically withstand a moderate level of external force. We currently have 4’, 6’ and 8’ high options available depending on your requirements and preferences. Additionally, to afford your patrons some privacy from the outside as they enjoy their meals, we have shade cloth as well as green slat panels that can be affixed to the chain-link fence.

California restaurant fence rental installed by Event Factory Rentals.
Temporary fencing for California restaurants.

California Restaurant Fence Rentals

If, on the other hand, you expect that your restaurant fence rental in California will be long term with the fencing staying in one spot, our post driven chain-link would be a good fit. Strong and dependable, this temp fence option features posts situated about 10’ apart and 2’ down into dirt, asphalt or even concrete. Our post driven fencing is carefully installed by experienced crews, and properly removed from the premises when no longer needed. For privacy, we have shade cloth in multiple popular color options.

For a more visually-appealing fence rental option for your restaurant that also serves as crowd control, we have beautiful white vinyl picket fence panels. Similar to the freestanding chain-link, these vinyl panels are designed to be easily set up and reconfigured if the need arises. That being said, while these panels are quite stylish, they do not offer much in the way of security and privacy. As such, they could be used in conjunction with the chain-link fencing as a means of delineating particular areas within the overall outdoor dining space.

The teams at Event Factory Rentals are fully committed to providing restaurants with the temporary fencing options they require when moving their dining operations outdoors or building upon already existing outdoor seating. All of our rentals are carefully inspected prior to being delivered, and we are confident that our level of service will exceed your expectations. We recognize the numerous challenges presented by the recent COVID-19 pandemic and are here to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. Ultimately, our goal is to offer you a simple and stress-free process as we get your restaurant set up with premium fence rentals.

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