Portable Toilet & Temporary Fence Rentals for Fairs and Carnivals

Festival, Fair & Carnival Portable Toilet and Temporary Fence Rentals.

It’s back! Whenever a carnival or fair comes to town, there’s a buzz of excitement in the air. If it’s an annual event, people have been waiting all year to get their tasty treats, hop on some rides, and try to win their friends or loved ones a prize. When the fair or carnival visits, there’s a feeling of fun throughout town. It’s a time to kick back and enjoy fun-filled days and exciting evenings surrounded by the community.

Whether you’re coordinating a small-scale carnival or an all-out county fair, you’ve got a lot of moving parts to juggle. Each booth, ride, or area requires careful planning. You need to make sure each activity is properly stocked and staffed.  You have to think through safety and security concerns. You have the manage crowd flow and ticketing. It’s a lot, but it’s all worth it to bring together a group of people for an unforgettable day of shared fun. At Event Factory Rentals, we make renting the portable toilets and temporary fencing you need for your fair or carnival simple and stress-free.

Top Festival and Fair Porta Potty Rentals

Clearly, you’re managing a lot to prepare for your upcoming event. Choosing partners like Event Factory Rentals you can trust to move work off your plate is key. And that’s especially true for the less fun and glamorous to-dos, like setting up appropriate outdoor restrooms. Unless you’re hosting your carnival or fair at an established event center and plan to cap your crowd at a certain number, you’ll want to have additional bathrooms available. And for most fairs and carnivals, that means renting porta potties.

Festival, Fair & Carnival Portable Toilet and Temporary Fence Rentals.

Choosing the right portable toilet vendor can mean the difference between people finding porta potties they want to avoid like the plague and finding a pristine restroom option. At Event Factory Rentals, all of our portable toilets for fairs, festivals and carnivals are comfortable and delivered spotless. For large venues, and/or those needing to accommodate a large number of people, we highly recommend using our standard portable toilet rentals. These units don’t take up a lot of space and can be rather easily positioned. If you want more upscale porta potties, take a look at our deluxe portable toilets and VIP models.

We also offer hand wash stations to ensure everyone leaves the restroom area feeling clean. Whether you’re looking for a lineup of standard porta potties to keep restroom lines down and hygiene up, handicap accessible options, something higher-end, or any combination, we’ve got you covered. Please note that while the standard portable toilets do not have built-in hand washing, the deluxe toilets do.

The Best Temp Fencing for Carnivals, Fairs & Festivals

Festival, Fair & Carnival Portable Toilet and Temporary Fence Rentals.

Event Factory Rentals has many temporary fence options suitable for carnivals and fairs. To create secure boundaries outside and inside the fairgrounds, we recommend using our post-driven chain-link fencing. You can also use our white vinyl picket fencing to establish VIP areas within the carnival or otherwise add style and elegance. Our crowd control barricades are particularly useful for festivals and fairs as they keep the venue structured and help ensure that things don’t get out of control.

You’re putting a lot of work into getting everything ready for your carnival or fair. You know it will be worth it to see the smiles on everyone’s faces as they enjoy time in the fresh air surrounded by their community and a wide range of fun activities. We’re here to help you pull off a fantastic event. Put the leading portable toilet and temp fence company for carnivals and fairs on the job. Contact Event Factory Rentals today!