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When planning a special event in or around Fresno, no matter the size or type, it’s important to find a portable toilet & temporary fence rental company you can truly rely on. For countless event planners, organizations and businesses throughout Fresno County, that company is Event Factory Rentals. Our Fresno team is well known for its collective experience, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to providing quality rentals and service that cannot be matched. We are always ready and able to meet your porta potty and temp fence needs.

Special Event Portable Toilet Rentals in Fresno

Over the years, we’ve fine tuned and expanded our business by consistently supplying clean, comfortable and reliable porta potty rentals in Fresno County for events. The portable toilet rentals we have available works great for any type of gathering that Fresno County has to offer throughout the year. Whether your event is small or large, simple or complex, our toilets will help keep things running as smoothly as possible. Please know that all of our event toilets are carefully inspected and sanitized prior to being dispatched. Also, each rental unit comes with a very pleasant fragrance disc that keeps it smelling fresh over time.

Fresno CA Portable Toilet Rentals for Special Events.

We currently offer four portable toilet models for our Fresno-area customers: the standard toilet, deluxe toilet, VIP toilet & ADA handicap toilet. As its name suggests, the standard porta potty is our base model. While fairly basic feature-wise, this toilet is nevertheless quite comfortable to use and offers a very reasonable amount of interior space. Compact by design, the event toilet functions well at all sorts of events, whether sporting events, fairs, birthday celebrations or something else. If you’re looking for something with slightly more space and functionality, our popular deluxe toilet is a good choice. You can also give your guests the VIP treatment with our feature-rich VIP toilet. For handicapped event attendees, our ADA-compliant toilet rental includes everything needed to provide a safe, comfortable experience.

If you’re planning an event in Fresno County for the first time, or are otherwise a bit unsure of the type(s) and quantity of portable toilet rentals you need, please don’t worry. Our friendly team is always available to discuss your event and determine which of our premium outdoor event solutions will best suit your particular requirements. We’ll get your toilet rentals going in no time, making sure that everything is in place by the time the event commences.

Fresno Restroom Trailer Rentals – Luxury & Style

Fresno CA Restroom Trailer Rentals for Special Events.

Upscale events in and nearby Fresno often necessitate upscale restroom accommodations. This is where our wildly popular luxury restroom trailers come in. These units were carefully designed to maximize comfort and provide all guests with the most pleasant restroom environment possible outside of the home. Once Fresno County event goers have the opportunity to use one of our restroom trailer rentals, they’ll never be satisfied using anything else.

Currently available are the 4-Station Porta Lisa Plus and the 8-Station Cottage Restroom, both of which are exceptional options for Fresno wedding porta potties, festivals and other more formal events. Both Fresno restroom trailers look amazing inside and out, and will in no way detract from the look or feel of your gathering. Rather, all of the thoughtful design touches serve to improve the overall aesthetic. More importantly, spacious interiors along with temperature controls, quality toilets and proper lighting will help keep everyone happy over the duration of the event. If you believe that these restroom trailer rentals would be a great fit for your event, contact us and we’ll be glad to provide you with additional information.

Dependable Temporary Fence Rentals in Fresno CA

Renting a fence is often a very important part of the event planning process. Our temporary event fence rentals in Fresno serve many purposes, including security, privacy, and crowd control. The robust chain-link and black iron fencing we provide is great for delineating boundaries both around and within the event venue, and also preventing people from accessing areas they’re not supposed to. This is particularly important for events with large crowds where it’s quite difficult to keep track of everyone. With the green privacy slat panels, you can help prevent onlookers from peering inside and viewing things that are meant to be kept private or hidden. At the same time, these understated privacy panels won’t detract from the appearance of the event venue in any way.

Fresno CA Temporary Fence Rentals for Special Events.

For upscale, fancy events such as weddings, food & wine tastings, art shows and the like, our Fresno event rental customers often choose to use our beautiful white vinyl picket fence panels. This fencing adds to the overall visual appeal of the event, and many times is used to establish a VIP area within the overall event space. While not ideal for security purposes, the vinyl fence panels can be quite useful in directing attendees where to go. Far better for security and crowd control are our crowd barricades. These steel barricades are quite strong, yet can be reconfigured at the event as needed.

Whether your event is short-term or long-term, our high quality temp fence rentals have you covered. Our team will drop off and pick up the event fences in a very timely manner, and can efficiently and accurately install any post-driven fencing you need. As fences often play an important role at event sites, we always put in the effort needed to make certain that everything is secure and correct.

The Fresno Hand Wash Station & Sink Rentals You Need

Fresno CA Hand Wash Station and Sink Rentals for Special Events.

Sanitation and hygiene are always important concerns at special events, particularly those at which food and alcoholic beverages are served. The last thing you want is for anyone to become ill due to shortcomings in cleanliness. This is where our Fresno hand wash station and three hole hot & cold sink rentals come in. Each of these event rentals was designed for ease-of-use, optimal cleaning capability and careful adherence to Environmental Health Department guidelines.

Our standard hand wash station provides a cost-effective, simple way for guests to keep their hands clean at the event site. Each station includes soap and a towel dispenser, and can be moved from area to area if need be. The hand wash units have a capacity of 20 gallons of fresh water and 22 gallons of grey water. Hot hand wash stations are mandatory of events with a duration of more than 3 days that involve the distribution of non-prepackaged food and/or alcohol. Great for multi-day events around Fresno County, our hot hand wash unit is able to effectively get the water to a minimum of 100°F thanks to its propane-on-demand heater. Our sanitation/scullery sinks feature 3 spacious compartments in which the event’s food preparation team can thoroughly clean their equipment and utensils.

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