Cottage Restroom Rental

  • Separate Men’s & Women’s Entrances
  • Linen Textured, Solid Wall Covering
  • Wood Grain Flooring
  • Waterproof White Trim & Wainscoting
  • Stainless Sinks
  • Hot Water Heater
  • 6-Panel, Lever-Handled Stall Doors
  • Faux Granite Sink Tops
  • Aluminum Exterior
  • LED Interior & Porch Lights
  • Air Conditioner(s) & Heating*
  • Integrated Waste Tanks
  • Battery Power
  • Battery Backup

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Please Also Consider The 4-Station Porta Lisa Plus Cottage Restroom and the Selfie Restroom.

*You will need an additional/external power source to run the air conditioning. The battery power alone will not be adequate.

8 Station Cottage Restrooms – Luxury Toilet Trailer Rentals Done Right

Our 8 Station Cottage Restroom is a superb rental option for upscale/formal events such as outdoor weddings where it is particularly important for your guests to have the most comfortable, lavish portable toilet accommodations available. Similar to our Porta Lisa Plus Cottage, this luxury toilet trailer was thoughtfully engineered to make attendees feel as though they are using a cozy home bathroom. All of the excellent amenities included are aimed at drastically reducing the discomfort and displeasure sometimes associated with portable toilets. At a roomy 18’ by 8’, our Cottage Restroom has 5 toilet stalls and 3 urinals, and features separate entrances for men and women.

Our Portable Restroom Trailer Has Abundant Features Your Guests Will Love

Event organizers and guests have consistently been impressed with our luxurious 8 Station Cottage Restroom. To begin with, the internal and external/porch LED lights ensure that no matter the time of day, there is sufficient illumination when entering and using the bathroom. The water heater included in the toilet trailer efficiently generates hot water for the stainless sinks, allowing for proper hand washing. No matter the weather at your event, the unit’s air conditioning and heating will help keep it at a very pleasant temperature. Finally, we add air freshener beads to all luxury restroom trailers so that the wonderful fresh smell is maintained throughout the entire event.

From a visual standpoint, the 8 Station Cottage Restroom is a sight to behold. Among other things, the attractive unit features linen textured wall covering, waterproof white trim and wainscoting, beautiful faux granite sink tops, and wood grain flooring. With our luxury toilet trailer, all of your event guests will be using the bathroom in complete style and comfort.

Hassle-Free Luxury Toilet Event Rentals

In the event rental industry, our company is very highly regarded for its first-rate products and spectacular customer service. Event planners from the Central Coast all the way to Los Angeles trust us to expertly handle their luxury toilet trailer rentals because they recognize that we are fully dedicated to getting the job done right and providing a stress-free process from start to finish. As with our other rental units, all 8 Station Cottage Restrooms are attentively serviced and sanitized. We are completely confident that our portable restroom trailers will exceed your expectations and help make your event an absolute success.

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