Crowd Barricades Rental

  • Crowd control is an important part of event planning and operations.
  • Our steel barricades are perfect for crowd control with their innate strength and ability to be easily rearranged.
  • The bike panels are 3’7” high and 7’10” wide.
  • Crowd control barriers promote event security and help prevent disorder.
  • The barricades clearly delineate the event space and keep lanes open.
  • Banners can be attached for event/organization promotion.

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Crowd Control Event Rentals

Ensuring sufficient crowd control is a critical part of the event planning process, particularly for medium-to-large events such as county fairs, sports competitions, indoor and outdoor concerts, and special ceremonies. Event organizers all across Central and Southern California count on Event Factory Rentals to properly fulfill their varying crowd control needs because we never fail to provide industry-leading products and ideal customer service.

Crowd Control Barricades Enhance Event Security

Our steel crowd control barricades serve numerous important purposes at event sites. Functioning as security barriers, the panels are a means of keeping performers/participants, attendees, and event personnel themselves as safe as possible. These immensely sturdy barricades help impede the ability of rowdy or mischievous event goers to cause disruptions. They also serve as unmistakable delineation between open and restricted areas, reducing the chance that someone ends up getting injured due to being somewhere they shouldn’t be. As an event planner, one of the last things you want to worry about is a guest getting hurt and you or your organization being held responsible.

Crowd Control Barriers Keep Your Event Running Smoothly

In addition to operating as valuable security measures, our first-rate crowd control barriers allow event staff to stay organized and keep the proceedings running as smoothly as possible. When there are lots of people attending and many things going on at once, there is often a risk of events turning chaotic and becoming overwhelmingly dysfunctional. Event barricades minimize this possibility, conveniently directing guests where to go and assisting in maintaining order when lines get long. With our barricades, you’ll have no problem at all keeping lanes as open as need be. The less hectic the event, the less likely attendees and personnel alike are to become frustrated or unhappy. Ultimately, crowd control barricades are an easy, budget-friendly way of helping your event be as successful as possible.

Our Effective Event Barricade Rentals Are Strong and Portable

Event Factory Rentals’ barricades provide very effective crowd control with their perfect balance of strength and mobility. Inherently robust, these 3’7” high and 7’10” wide event barriers can withstand a fair amount of pressure, particularly when securely snapped together. At the same time, the bike rail can be moved and reconfigured as event specifications and circumstances demand. Your company or organization can also easily attach banners to the paneling for promotional and informational purposes.

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