Freestanding Chain-Link Panels Rental

  • Strong, high-value temporary fencing solution.
  • Panels designed to be easily rearranged when required.
  • Allows tremendous flexibility in managing space at event venues.
  • Recommended for shorter-term events.
  • Perfect for festivals, concerts, community parties and more.
  • Available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ heights.
  • Durable enough to tolerate a moderate amount of external stress.
  • Chain-link material carefully checked for structural flaws.
  • Enhance event privacy with green slat panels or shade cloth.
  • Installation of panels is quick and easy.

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Control Your Event Space with Freestanding Chain-Link Panel Rentals

If you’re searching for a highly reliable, cost-effective temporary fencing option for your event that is designed to be rapidly and effortlessly moved when needed, you won’t find anything that beats Event Factory Rentals’ freestanding chain-link fence panels. Customers throughout Central and Southern California have come to rely on our fencing rentals because they provide a practical means of establishing boundaries both around and within the event space. These panels function perfectly at an array of special events, including music festivals and concerts, festivals, neighborhood gatherings and more.

Our Freestanding Chain-Link Fencing is Portable Yet Firm

The freestanding chain-link fence sections we provide give event planners and organizations incredible flexibility in determining how to manage the available room at their venues. As their posts are not driven into the ground, these fence panels can be efficiently rearranged to enlarge, constrict, or otherwise alter how the space is organized. This can prove to be especially important if site conditions happen to change during the course of the event. Despite its lighter weight and lack of firmly inserted posts, the freestanding fencing is still fairly robust.

Our premium freestanding chain-link fencing is available in 4’, 6’, and 8’ heights. We only use high quality chain-link, and take the time to scrutinize each panel to make sure that there are absolutely no structural deficiencies for you to be concerned with. If you’d like your event fencing to offer increased privacy, we also offer green slat panel and shade cloth options that create close to 100% visual blockage. There are many great colors of shade cloth to choose from, such as black, green, brown and beige. Like we’ve done for numerous schools and companies, we can also obtain many other colors of cloth to fit with your organization/event’s theme or brand logo. Both of these fantastic screening choices grant organizers the ability to hide those parts of the event that they want to keep attendees from seeing.

Install Your Quality Event Fences with Ease

Installation of these temporary fences is very straightforward; those tasked with fence setup won’t need to devote a lot of time and effort to get them properly positioned. As the fence panels are freestanding in nature, they are best suited for events that are relatively short in duration. If you’re planning a longer-term event and would like the event fences to be stronger and more secure, our post driven chain-link fencing is an excellent alternative.

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