Hot Hand Wash Station Rental

  • Hot hand wash stations are required for events longer than 3 days that provide open (non- prepackaged) food and/or alcoholic drinks.
  • Our hot sink units for temporary food facilities fully abide by Environmental Health Department regulations.
  • The stations do not need power or water from the event site, but can be connected to an external water supply for events where hand washing will be extensive.
  • Great for multi-day festivals, sports events, concerts and more.
  • Unit includes a 5 gallon fresh water tank and a 7.5 gallon waste water tank.
  • Propane-on-demand heater efficiently brings the water to a minimum of 100°F
  • Station also includes mounted soap and paper towel dispensers.
  • All rentals are thoroughly cleaned before delivery.

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Additional Sink Options:

Hot Hand Wash Station Rentals for Temporary Food Facilities

As an important means of preserving proper hygiene and avoiding the spread of illnesses at events where snacks and meals are served, specific regulations regarding food safety have been put in place by the Environmental Health Departments (EHDs) of all cities. Sanitation is of particular concern with open (non-prepackaged) foods that preparers make direct contact with as part of their jobs. If you are an event organizer planning an event with open food and/or open alcoholic beverages that will run longer than 3 days, the temporary food facility (food booth, cart, etc.) must be furnished with a hot hand wash station.

Our Hot Hand Wash Unit Has All the Features Your Event Needs

Event Factory Rentals offers a high-quality, dependable hot hand wash station that is convenient for food preparers to use, and adheres to all established sanitation requirements. Our TFF sink unit is designed to be the perfect size, large enough to allow for proper hand washing yet fairly compact so as not to take up too much space. While the station does not need any electricity or water from the event venue in order to function, it can be hooked up to an on-site water supply for events with heavy sink usage.

The water is drawn from a 5 gallon fresh water tank stored inside the unit’s cabinet, and sufficiently pressurized by a mixing valve. A powerful propane-on-demand heater quickly heats the potable water to at least 100°F, the mandatory minimum temperature for these hand sanitizing sinks. Located behind the fresh water tank is a 7.5 gallon waste water tank that stores the dirty water for disposal. This incredibly popular unit also has mounted easy-access soap and paper towel dispensers to make the entire process as efficient as possible.

We Are the Hot Water Event Sink Specialists

We have helped event planners all throughout Central and Southern California get the EHD- compliant hand wash stations they need for their event’s temporary food facilities. Whether you’re setting up a multi-day fair, concert, or sporting events, Event Factory Rentals’ hot water sinks are the perfect fit. All of our units are exhaustively cleaned after each use, ensuring that they are completely sanitized when delivered to your event. Our company takes the health and wellbeing of food preparers and attendees alike very seriously, and is absolutely committed to providing the finest rental products possible.

If you have any questions at all regarding our hand wash stations or any of the other high-quality event rental products we offer, please contact us at (888) 713-3623 to speak with one of our friendly specialists. You can also fill out our quick and easy quote request form to let us know about your particular event requirements.

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