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Front view of restroom trailer near Mattei, California from Event Factory Rentals.

Event Factory Rentals has emerged as a leading supplier of restrooms and temporary fencing for outdoor events across Central and Southern California. In addition to providing clients with standard and deluxe porta potties, we also have numerous upscale options perfectly suited for weddings, food & wine festivals, and a variety of other formal events. With premium units, competitive pricing, and exceptional service, our company offers tremendous value and is the ideal choice for restroom trailer rentals near Mattei.

As upscale events can vary in scope and associated requirements, we currently have three wonderful models available to rent: the Selfie Restroom, 4-Station Porta Lisa Plus Cottage, and 8-Station Cottage Restroom. No matter which unit(s) are used, event attendees are sure to enjoy using them, particularly when compared to less luxurious portable toilet options. Each Mattei restroom trailer is carefully designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. What one immediately notices is that these luxury restrooms are quite spacious. Whereas typical porta potties can feel a bit cramped, the trailers are far more open and allow for convenient traversal and maneuvering.

What also sets these particular rentals apart from more traditional outdoor toilets is that the bathroom trailers come with an abundance of highly useful and desirable features. While the amenities differ somewhat between units, guests are sure to appreciate everything they have to offer and will agree that they are the next best thing to using the restroom at a fancy hotel or even at home.

View of Mattei restroom trailer rental next to a blue hand wash station.
Front view of the Selfie, a Mattei restroom trailer rental from Event Factory Rentals.

Mattei Bathroom Trailer Rentals

The most recent addition to our inventory, the Selfie Restroom is a luxury 2-station model that has become a favorite among many clients. Ideal for upscale outdoor events with 150 guests or fewer, the Selfie is a great fit for mid-sized festivals, weddings, and more. Despite being smaller than the Porta Lisa Plus and Cottage, this bathroom trailer rental near Mattei still offers ample space and comfort. There are two distinct stalls in the Selfie restroom, both of which include built-in air conditioning, a flushing toilet, great lighting, a sizable mirror, and a countertop with sink.

If the Selfie is a bit too small for your needs, the 4-station, 12 ft. by 8 ft. Porta Lisa Plus is another great option to consider. Premium inside and out, the stalls in the unit are meant to approximate the feel and look of a home restroom. The trailer includes 3 porcelain flushable toilets and 1 water-free urinal, meaning that up to 4 guests can make use of it at any given time. Besides its spaciousness and individual stall entrances, the Porta Lisa Plus has aesthetically appealing features and extensive amenities that get people’s attention. With simulated wood grain flooring, stone counters, and stainless sinks, one can’t help but notice the upscale feel. Temperature control, occupancy lighting, and strong exhaust fans make a fantastic unit even better.

At 18 ft. by 8 ft. our Cottage Restroom is currently the largest Mattei bathroom trailer we have available to rent. Within this space is a total of 5 toilet stalls and 3 urinals, with entrances for both men and women. As with the other restroom trailers, the Cottage includes features meant to significantly diminish the type of displeasure and discomfort that standard porta potties can at times be linked with. Attendees and event organizers alike have been wowed by the gorgeous faux granite sink tops, waterproof white trim, and linen textured wall covering. The incorporated water heater does a solid job of producing hot water for general cleanliness and hand washing. Air conditioning and heating assists in keeping the interior as pleasant as possible, as do the air fresheners.

Interior view of bathroom trailer near Mattei, CA from Event Factory Rentals.
Side view of Porta Lisa Plus, a top Mattei luxury restroom trailer.

Top Mattei Luxury Restroom Trailer Rentals

As a Fresno County luxury restroom trailer supplier, these are incredibly popular for outdoor events, particularly ones that are formal or otherwise upscale in nature. Clients come to us for their restroom trailer rentals near Mattei because our products and customer service are truly beyond compare. Each Selfie, Porta Lisa Plus, and Cottage is extensively sanitized and carefully maintained so that everyone involved is thoroughly satisfied. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to answer questions, make recommendations, and ensure that you have as fantastic a rental experience as possible. To get started, please give us a call at (559) 314-2137.