Porta Lisa Plus Cottage Restroom Rental

4 Station Porta Lisa Plus Cottage 12’ x 8’ Restroom:

  • Individual Stall Entrances
  • Porcelain Flushing Toilets
  • Water-Free Urinal
  • On Board Fresh Water Tank
  • On-Demand Water Pump
  • Integrated Waste Tanks
  • Aluminum Alloy Wheels
  • Powered Exhaust Fans
  • Full Size Battery Backup
  • Occupied/Unoccupied Lights
  • Stainless Sinks
  • Stone Counters
  • Simulated Wood Grain Flooring
  • Air Conditioning*
  • Heaters in Each Stall
  • AM/FM CD Player with iPod Connect
  • Wood Cabinets and Trim
  • Wainscot Wall Treatment

*You will need an external/additional power source to run the air conditioning. The battery power alone will not be sufficient.

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4 Station Porta Lisa Plus Cottage – Luxury Restroom Trailer Event Rentals

Our 4 Station Porta Lisa Plus Cottage is a truly exceptional luxury restroom trailer. The stalls in this top-of-the-line 12’ by 8’ unit were carefully designed to capture the look and feel of a quality home bathroom. With 3 porcelain flushing toilets and 1 water-free urinal, the Porta Lisa Plus Cottage allows up to 4 attendees to comfortably use the restroom at the same time.

Though beneficial to have at any special gathering, our lavish portable restroom trailer is a particularly great fit for upscale events such as weddings, wine and food tastings, graduation ceremonies and other formal celebrations. Event organizers from Fresno to Los Angeles love renting our luxury toilets because they are far more pleasant for guests to use than the alternatives offered by other companies.

An Upscale Portable Restroom with Lavish Amenities

The Porta Lisa Plus Cottage has a number of fantastic, highly-appreciated amenities and structural features that make it an incredibly popular choice. Each of the 4 spacious restroom stalls has its own individual entrance and occupied/unoccupied lights, maximizing convenience and privacy as much as possible in a public setting. The unit has powered exhaust fans to efficiently eliminate any unpleasant odors, and the air freshener beads we include let an agreeable scent permeate throughout.

To truly make using the portable toilet as comfortable as possible, our luxury restroom trailer has an air conditioning system and heaters in each stall to keep the environment at an optimal temperature. If your event has a particular theme, or you’d simply like to include enjoyable music, this unit also has an AM/FM Radio / CD Player with an iPod connection.

Gorgeous Interior Like a Home Bathroom

Another reason our Porta Lisa Plus Cottage is such a favored option is that it has substantial aesthetic appeal. The unit has an upscale, classy look that makes it seem more akin to a bathroom you’d find in a house than a typical portable restroom. Highlights include stainless sinks, stone counters, simulated wood grain flooring, wood cabinets and trim, and wainscot wall treatment. All of these aspects in totality give the luxury restroom a very welcoming feel that is not overly common among portable toilets.

All of our 4 Station Porta Lisa Plus Cottages are thoroughly cleaned and serviced after every use. We’ve assisted countless event planners meet their toilet rental needs, and are greatly looking forward to helping you with your event.

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