Porta Potty Rental Clovis

Porta Potty Rental Clovis from Event Factory Rentals

If you’re planning an outdoor special event in the beautiful city of Clovis, California, you’ve come to the right place. Whether the event is a concert, festival, sporting event or something similar, you’re going to need to provide quality portable toilets for your guests to use at the venue.

For many years now, Event Factory Rentals has provided reliable, high-quality porta potty and luxury restroom trailer rentals in Clovis. We have many different portable toilet rentals available for our customers, meaning that no matter the size or scope of your event, we’ll be able to meet all of your needs.

Dependable Portable Toilet Rental Clovis

Our company has porta potty rentals in Clovis perfect for outdoor events small and large, simple and complex. One of the many reasons why customers throughout the Clovis area choose to work with Event Factory Rentals is that our toilets are consistently delivered clean and in full working order. In fact, they all come with pleasant-smelling fragrance discs to help ensure that the toilets stay as fresh as possible over the course of the event. Our team wants to help make your special event go off without a hitch, and always goes above and beyond to ensure that our rental services are exceptional.

Portable Toilet Rental Clovis from Event Factory Rentals

Our standard portable toilet rental Clovis is quite popular because it works very well at all sorts of events. The standard porta potty rental is particularly handy at larger venues because it is fairly compact in nature allowing for multiple units to be easily configured without taking up significant space.

While fairly basic in design and lacking the amenities found in some of our other portable toilets, the standard model is nevertheless features enough internal space to be used comfortably by your guests. Please note that the standard porta potty rental Clovis does not have a sink in the unit itself. You will therefore need to rent a hand wash station to place just outside the toilet.

If you’re looking for Clovis portable toilet rentals with added interior space and special features, we highly recommend considering our deluxe porta potty rentals and our VIP porta potties.

Many Clovis residents opt for the deluxe units for their small or medium-size events because they have a hand wash within and also feature a bit more breathing room than the standard toilet. We even have deluxe porta potties with flushing systems available if desired.

Event Factory Rentals’ VIP porta potty rental Clovis is ideal for use at formal, elegant outdoor events. This VIP portable toilet is even more roomy than the already spacious deluxe model and comes packed with features that your guests will be happy to have over the course of the event. Among other things, the VIP unit has a flushing toilet, convenient self-shutting faucet, vanity, mirror, and lighting that works automatically. If you truly want to give your guests the VIP treatment, this is the Clovis porta potty rental to choose.

Top-Quality Restroom Trailer Rental Clovis

Restroom Trailer Rental Clovis from Event Factory Rentals

In addition to premium portable toilet rentals, Event Factory Rentals is also pleased to offer restroom trailer rentals Clovis ideal for weddings, wine and food festivals, and other high- class events.

We currently have three excellent models to select from: the 2-station Selfie Restroom Trailer, the 4-Station Porta Lisa Plus, and the 8-Station Cottage Restroom. All of these toilet trailers are extremely spacious, full of the finest amenities, and are so comfortable that your guests will feel as though they’re using a home or fancy hotel restroom.

A newer addition to our fleet of Clovis restroom trailers, the Selfie has quickly become a popular rental option and a great alternative to the VIP toilet. With two private bathrooms, the Selfie restroom trailer works very well at outdoor events with no more than 150 people. Your guests will appreciate the spacious interior along with the flushing toilets, counter top with sink and air conditioning included.

For larger upscale events in the Clovis area, please consider the Porta Lisa Plus or the Cottage restroom trailer rentals. Just like the Selfie unit, these toilet trailers have a tremendous amount of interior space, appealing interior decor and a bevy of amazing features. You truly won’t find more luxurious portable restroom options in Clovis or anywhere throughout Fresno County.

Event Factory Rentals has become the Clovis porta potty rental company of choice due to our first-rate toilet options and superb customer service. Over our many years in business, we’ve worked on all kinds of events in the Clovis area from residential parties to concerts and festivals.

Customers come back to use year after year for their portable toilet rentals Clovis because we have the experience and knowledge to get the job done without problem. We firmly believe that we provide the best value for your money, and our friendly, dedicated staff is ready and waiting to help you with all of your event toilet requirements. Don’t delay in contacting us today for assistance.