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Those setting up rentals for special outdoor events, from weddings to sports competitions, concerts, and festivals, understand how important it is for attendees to have access to clean and comfortable portable restrooms over the duration. Indeed, having quality porta potties at the venue can help ensure that the event goes as planned. With extensive industry experience and accumulated knowledge, Event Factory Rentals has successfully provided premium portable toilets and restroom trailers for an abundance of outdoor events across Southern California and beyond. If you’re an event planner, local resident, or company seeking the best porta potty near Mission Hills, California, we’re happy to be at your service. When you work with us, you’ll quickly discover that our toilets and customer service are truly unrivaled.

From the very beginning, we’ve made it a point to build an inventory of event toilet rentals that can meet the varying needs of our clients. No matter if your event is small or large, simple or logistically complex, we are confident that we’ll have quality units that are the right fit. We have a staff full of hardworking and dedicated individuals that work tirelessly each day to help make sure that our Mission Hills porta potties are delivered on time and ready for use. Additionally, we include a fragrance disc with each portable toilet to help keep them smelling fresh even as the event proceeds. Anyone that has worked with us will attest that our team of industry professionals does a wonderful job of providing a rental experience that is simple and hassle-free.

Portable toilets and luxury restroom trailer near Mission Hills, California rented for special outdoor event.

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Many customers choose to rent our standard portable toilets, as the units tend to function quite well for many different kinds of special outdoor events. This portable toilet near Mission Hills is particularly advantageous for large-scale venues because they can be configured without requiring too much valuable space. Even though this basic model does not come with some of the features found in our others, it nevertheless includes enough internal room to be used comfortably by attendees. Please note that as these standard porta potties do not have integrated sinks, you should also consider renting one or more hand washing stations that can be placed close to them for proper sanitation.

Beyond the basic model, we also have deluxe and ultra deluxe portable toilet rentals available. The deluxe porta potty features a little more interior space than the standard one does, which can make the experience of using it even easier and more comfortable. What’s more, the deluxe unit comes with not only a built-in hand wash system but quality toilet paper, sanitary seat covers, and towel and soap dispensers as well. Even though they can be used at events of different sizes, these Mission Hills portable toilets are often rented for small-to-medium sized functions. If you’re interested in porta potties with even more features, you should also consider the ultra deluxe units. These are flushable models that also come with a urinal, battery operated motion-sensor light, and more fantastic amenities.

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As you’re planning your event, it’s also important to make sure that guests have adequate portable restrooms regardless of any disability (or disabilities). In fact, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), no less than ten percent of the overall amount of porta potties at the venue must be accessible for handicapped individuals. To help you properly accommodate all attendees, we provide ADA-compliant portable toilet rentals that are carefully designed for ease of use and comfort.

These porta potties are completely wheelchair accessible, and come with enough internal space so that wheelchairs can enter and exit the unit without issue. Interior handrails are also included as a means of promoting guest safety. Despite these event porta potty rentals near Mission Hills being mainly used by those with physical disabilities, their spaciousness makes them very useful for parents attending with younger children as well.

For more formal, or upscale, outdoor events, Event Factory Rentals is pleased to offer luxury restroom trailer rentals replete with incredible amenities. If you’re planning an event with a reasonably large crowd, we encourage you to consider our Porta Lisa Plus (4 stations) or Cottage Restroom (8 stations). For events with 150 guests or fewer, we also have the Selfie Restroom (2 stations) available for rent. All of these restroom trailers are roomy, and designed to provide attendees with an exceptional experience when using them.

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Our team at Event Factory Rentals in Southern California has the experience and skill to help you get the quality toilets you need for any upcoming outdoor gatherings. We carefully sanitize and inspect all units before they’re sent out for scheduled delivery and setup. At the conclusion of events, we also do an efficient job of removing the toilets from the venues. If you’re unsure of which Mission Hills porta potty is ideal for your specific requirements, we would be more than happy to guide you. Our company works hard to be considered a local industry leader, and we’re confident that our rentals and customer service will exceed your expectations. To discuss your toilet rentals, please give us a call at (805) 644-5592 or reach out online.