Post Driven Chain-Link Fencing Rental

  • Reliable temporary fencing option ideal for maximizing event security.
  • Recommended for longer-term events / events where the fences won’t be moved.
  • Top-quality fencing comes in standard 4’, 6’ and 8’ heights.
  • Shade cloth for enhanced privacy is available in multiple colors.
  • Quality installation done by our friendly, knowledgeable fence crews.
  • Fence posts positioned 10’ apart and driven approx. 2’ into the ground.
  • Can be set in concrete, asphalt or dirt.
  • Efficient fence removal when event is over.

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Reliable Post Driven Chain-Link Fencing Keeps Your Event Secure

Event Factory Rentals’ post driven chain-link fences provide an especially dependable, hassle-free temporary fencing solution ideal for special events where strict security is of particular importance. Having these fences in place allows event planners to better organize their venue space, keep attendees out of areas they shouldn’t be in, and prevent unauthorized individuals from getting onto the grounds where they can potentially disrupt the proceedings. If you’re setting up an exclusive event, and/or one in which you’ll need to carefully manage a substantial number of people, our top-tier post driven chain-link fences are for you.

Quality Temporary Chain-Link Fences Provide Tremendous Value

Available in convenient 4’, 6’ and 8’ heights, our post driven chain-link fencing has quickly become a favorite temporary fence option among event organizers due to its superior quality, extraordinary strength and highly-competitive pricing. We consistently provide the very best chain-link available, making absolutely certain that there are no material defects that could create points of weakness. Our company employs flat-edge fencing rather than the twisted or knuckle-edge varieties so as to avoid the possibility of attendees getting cut or otherwise injured. If you’re looking to maximize privacy at your event, we also have very popular shade cloth that does a great job of almost completely blocking out the view. This quality cloth is available in numerous appealing colors, including green, black, beige and brown. We can also get most additional colors to properly match your event/organization’s logo or theme, as we’ve done many times including for a few NFL teams’ training camps.

Post Driven Chain-Link Fence Installation Done Right

Our highly-skilled employees have substantial experience installing temporary chain-link fencing at all kinds of events, and take great pride in getting the job done right and regularly exceeding customer expectations. We will ensure that your fences are successfully set up in a time-efficient manner and with total precision. The fence posts are carefully placed 10’ apart and firmly driven approximately 2’ directly into the ground to achieve maximum structural stability. Whether the event grounds have asphalt, concrete or dirt surfaces, we will be able to get the posts inserted as securely as possible. Rolled chain-link fabric is then securely attached to the posts with strong fence ties to complete the process. Once the fencing is set, you won’t have to spend time worrying about it getting knocked down by human activity or by any intense forces of nature. When your event has concluded, we will remove the temporary chain-link fencing as effectively and carefully as we installed it.

Due to the lack of mobility, we recommend post driven temporary fencing for longer-term events, or events where fence movement will not be necessary. For excellent event fences that can easily be rearranged, please take a look at our freestanding chain-link panels.

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