Portable Toilet & Temporary Fence Rentals for Residential Events

Residential Event Portable Toilet Rentals and Temporary Party Fence Rentals

Hosting an event at – or even near – your house offers a lot of benefits. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, the neighborhood kickball tournament, a quinceanera, a block party, or any other type of residential event, it’s nice to be close to home. Not only does it make it easier to get all your neighbors together for a day or evening of fun, it also takes some of the headache out of hosting. When you need something for the party, it’s a snap to pop inside and grab it. You keep your home well-stocked – and it serves you when you host an event nearby.

If you’re planning a residential event in Fresno County, San Luis Obispo County, Ventura County or even Santa Barbara, give Event Factory Rentals a call. For many years now, we’ve provided homeowners and residential communities with the portable toilet and temporary fence rentals they need for their guests.

Dependable Residential Party Porta Potty Rentals

When you’re having a few friends over for dinner, your existing bathrooms are more than enough. But when the numbers of invites grow, so does your need to find an alternate. No one wants to spend time away from your party to wait in a long line to use one of your finite number of toilets. And you definitely don’t want the chore of cleaning a bathroom that’s been overused for the entirety of your event.

Residential Event Portable Toilet Rentals and Temporary Party Fence Rentals

This is where Event Factory Rentals can help you. We have a wide range of residential porta potty options for your event. Maybe putting a single portable toilet and hand wash station in the backyard would be enough to ease the strain on your facilities. Maybe you want to fit your block party with multiple deluxe porta potties that are extremely popular for residential events. Or maybe you want to give your event a more refined feel and rent a luxury restroom trailer. Whatever portable toilet rental will best suit your event, we can deliver.

Ideal Temporary Fencing for Residential Parties and Events

Residential Event Portable Toilet Rentals and Temporary Party Fence Rentals

At Event Factory Rentals, we pride ourselves on beautifully serviced, punctually delivered, high-quality residential portable toilet rentals. When you work with us, you put an experienced team behind you who can make sure people remember all the wonderful things about your event, not a problematic restroom situation. Additionally, we can provide you with any party fence rentals you need, whether freestanding chain-link fencing, vinyl fencing or something else.

For any residential event portable toilet or temp fence rental needs throughout Central and Southern California, Event Factory Rentals is here. If you have any questions or want to set up rentals for your upcoming event, contact us today!