3-Hole Hot & Cold Sink Rental

  • Helps food preparers easily clean their utensils, pots, and other equipment.
  • Each unit has 3 large basins to properly accommodate the cleaning process.
  • Wheels allow for easy portability at the event venue.
  • Water source required for sink to function.
  • Equipped with a propane powered instant hot water heater; no power source needed.
  • Rental includes water holding tank with 250 gallon capacity.
  • All sinks are carefully examined and thoroughly sanitized.

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Additional Sink Options:

Quality Sanitation Sink Rentals for Special Events

Many events nowadays, including concerts, sports competitions, community celebrations and the like, involve the preparation and serving of a variety of food items. Event Factory Rentals’ masterfully-designed 3-Hole Hot & Cold Sink makes it incredibly easy for chefs and other food preparers to properly clean their equipment, helping to ensure optimal hygienic conditions. With health considerations in mind, sanitation sinks with running hot water have become mandatory at all events where food is readied and distributed.

Food Preparers Prefer Our 3-Compartment Sinks

All of our scullery sinks have three spacious washing basins, providing ample room to thoroughly sterilize utensils, pots, pans, dishes, and food if the need arises. Each basin in the 3- compartment sink has a specific function in the multi-step cleaning process. The first is for soaking and washing with hot water and soap/detergent. The next basin is for rinsing with warm water. In the final basin, the item goes in warm/hot water and sanitizer. The four reliable wheels at the bottom make the sanitizing sink portable and simple to smoothly maneuver when needed.

Please note that that the 3-Hole Sink requires a water source in order to operate. A major advantage of this food booth sink is that it is equipped with a propane powered instant hot water heater. This means that the unit does not require a power source, and that your food preparers won’t have to waste any time at all waiting for a small water heater tank to warm the water before it’s ready for use. As soon as you turn on the water source and propane, hot water will come instantaneously. Each unit rental includes a holding tank that has a 250 gallon capacity.

Convenient 3-Hole Sink Rentals from an Industry Leader

As part of our pledge to provide the best event rental products and service available in the industry today, all sanitation sinks are carefully checked and fully sterilized before leaving our location. We guarantee that all of the 3-compartment sinks we deliver will easily pass Environmental Health Department inspection. Event Factory Rentals takes the health and safety of event staff and guests very seriously, and will never send out a sanitizing sink that has not first met our strict standards.

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