White Vinyl Picket Fencing Rental

  • Classy temporary fence and crowd control options.
  • Perfect for higher-end events including special ceremonies, upscale parties and more.
  • Helps create a pleasant atmosphere at your event.
  • Ideal for delineating Beer Gardens and VIP areas.
  • Freestanding panels are 3’8” high and 6’ wide.
  • Can be moved and configured as needed.
  • Creates elegant boundaries and delineations for VIP areas.
  • Directs your event crowd where to go.
  • All panels carefully inspected prior to delivery.

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White Vinyl Picket Fence Panels – Upscale Temporary Fencing and Crowd Control

Our white vinyl picket fence panels provide exceptionally stylish and advantageous temporary fencing and crowd control solutions. Vinyl fencing rentals are fantastic for food & wine festivals, outdoor musical performances, community parties, ceremonies, and for upscale events in general where aesthetic appeal is considered an especially important factor. Each durable panel is perfectly sized at 3’8” high and 6’ wide. As this quality fencing is freestanding rather than having posts driven into the ground, it can be moved around with ease and set up in a variety of very useful configurations.

Beautiful Vinyl Picket Fencing Enhances Your Special Event

There are many great reasons to choose our vinyl picket fence panels for your event rental needs. Unlike chain-link fences, vinyl picket temporary fences help create a warm, welcoming ambience for your gathering. White picket fencing is well known for its classic beauty and ability to fit extremely well in most outdoor settings. You won’t need to worry at all about our elegant temporary fence panels being eye sores that detract from your event’s carefully planned look and feel.

Keep Your Event Space and Attendees Well Organized

Our freestanding white vinyl picket panels are also incredibly popular because they give event planners the flexibility they require to best organize the event venue space. With these fences, you can create a classy-looking perimeter around your event, and can conveniently delineate different internal areas as you see fit. At many events, the white picket panels are employed as a great way of clearly identifying and separating VIP sections. In addition, the white picket fencing serves as an effective means of controlling the event crowd, directing attendees where to go and generally helping to keep the event going as intended.

If you’re looking for temporary fencing and crowd control measures that are more security-oriented, please take a look at our freestanding chain-link fencingpost driven chain-link fencing, and crowd control barriers.

Central and Southern California’s Preferred Choice for Quality White Vinyl Picket Fencing Rentals

We carefully inspect all vinyl picket panels to make sure they’re clean and in excellent shape. For our company, anything less than complete customer satisfaction is unacceptable. Event organizers all throughout Central and Southern California have come to us for their temporary vinyl fencing rentals because they recognize the incomparable quality of our event rental products and service. To get the process going, please call us at (888) 713-3623 or request a quote with our online form.

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