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Outdoor concert with crowd barricades and temp fence near West Hills in West Hills Valley CA rented from Event Factory Rentals.

Event Factory Rentals supplies premium temporary fencing for outdoor events near West Hills, California. Our team is dedicated to surpassing customer expectations with exceptional rental products and service. No matter the size or scope of your special event, we have top-quality rentals to meet your needs. For many years now, West Hills residents, event coordinators, and local businesses have relied on our competitively priced temp fencing solutions.

We know that planning an outdoor event can be stressful and incredibly labor intensive. As such, our staff is committed to making renting temporary fencing as easy and hassle-free as we possibly can. Our company provides unmatched customer service and numerous types of desirable temp fences.

Event Factory Rentals has assembled a wide range of West Hills temporary fencing to meet the various requirements of our valued customers. Each rental is carefully inspected before being delivered to the venue. Fences are efficiently set up, and carefully dismantled at the conclusion of the event. Because of our extensive industry experience and exceptional workmanship, we strongly believe that you will enjoy working with our team.

Rent a fence near West Hills in West Hills Valley, CA displaying chain-link panels with green privacy slat panels.
Black iron fence panels rental near West Hills in West Hills Valley, CA from Event Factory Rentals.

Best West Hills Rent A Fence

Our freestanding chain-link fence panels are an excellent option for events that are fairly short in length. There are three standard height options: 4 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet. You can connect the panels together to produce numerous types of configurations. This type of temporary fence near West Hills is highly sought after for its wide-ranging applications. The panels are often used to create effective perimeters around event locations and to separate areas within them as well. As by design these panels are not fixed to the ground, they are somewhat less secure than other rent a fence options we offer. You can get gravel or sand bags from us which is often quite useful in contributing weight that bolsters structural support.

For longer duration special events where site security is critical and the fencing will remain in one place and setup, post-driven chain-link fencing tends to work quite well. Post-driven fencing differs from freestanding in that it is secured by sturdy posts that are situated about ten feet apart. The posts are driven to a depth of approximately two feet in the soil, asphalt, concrete, or dirt. As with the freestanding chain-link panels, our post-driven fencing can be rented in 4′, 6′, and 8′ heights. Additionally, we offer shade cloth and privacy panels to make your event even more safe and private.

Chain-link panels, white vinyl picket panels, black iron fencing and crowd control barricades are chief among our West Hills fence rental options for special events. White vinyl fences are ideal for upscale events including food & wine festivals, weddings, and musical performances. The vinyl panels are freestanding and therefore can be moved fairly easily. They measure 3’8″ high and 6 feet wide, and fit in wonderfully in a range of settings where they help to produce a comforting sense of warmth. Many customers use this fencing to set up VIP sections and create perimeters around the venue as a whole. Black iron fences are great in that they offer both visual appeal and significant strength. They can be used to define boundaries without making the space feel cramped. Another popular option for outdoor events is our steel crowd barricades. These are simple to configure, and contribute to security and order within the venue.

Top Fence Rentals near West Hills

Event Factory Rentals works hard to be considered a leading fence rental company serving customers across Southern and Central California. Our team greatly enjoys working on special outdoor events, and has supplied superb fence rentals at all kinds of venues. Event Factory Rentals is among the most trusted temporary fence rental companies near West Hills. Please fill out our online contact form or call (805) 644-5592 to speak with one of our friendly representatives about your event fencing needs.