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Outdoor concert with crowd barricades and temp fence near Hobson Heights, Ventura CA rented from Event Factory Rentals.

If you are planning an outdoor event and are looking for temporary fencing near Hobson Heights, Ventura, California, Event Factory Rentals is ready to masterfully handle your specific needs while exceeding even your loftiest expectations. No matter the size or length of the event, our knowledgeable and experienced team is looking forward to helping you with our top-quality rentals. Over the years, event planners, local businesses, and residents across Hobson Heights in Ventura have chosen us for our top tier, affordable temp fence options.

Knowing that event planning can be very time consuming and sometimes stressful with many variables involved, our rentals staff is fully committed to making the entire fence rental process straightforward and pleasing from beginning to end. We sincerely believe that our company offers exceptional temporary fencing and unbeatable customer service.

At Event Factory Rentals, we’ve worked hard to assemble a great assortment of Hobson Heights, Ventura temporary fencing to handle our valued customers’ particular requirements. Each rental we dispatch is carefully inspected before delivery at the event venue. Assembly and disassembly of the fencing is efficient and handled with precision. With our sensational rentals, extensive industry knowledge, and incredible workmanship, we know that you’ll greatly enjoy working with us.

Rent a fence near Hobson Heights in Ventura, CA displaying chain-link panels with green privacy slat panels.
Black iron fence panels rental near Hobson Heights in Ventura, CA from Event Factory Rentals.

Best Hobson Heights, Ventura Rent A Fence

Our freestanding chain-link fencing is often a great option for relatively short outdoor events. The panels, available to rent in standard 4’, 6’, and 8’ heights, are linked together to generate the desired orientation. Among the core advantages of this particular type of temporary fence near Hobson Heights in Ventura is that it offers a substantial amount of configuration flexibility. The chain-link panels can be utilized to produce perimeters around the event venue, as well as separating areas within the venue space itself. As the panels are not fixed in place in the ground, they are not as inherently secure as other rent a fence solutions. That being said, we are able to provide sand and gravel bags that tend to do a great job of augmenting structural support by contributing weight to the base.

For medium to long-term events where venue security is critical and the fence can stay in place as first set up, post driven chain-link fencing is often a worthwhile option to think about. The core difference between freestanding and post-driven temp fences is that the latter is held firm by posts positioned about ten feet apart and driven down about two feet in the asphalt, dirt, or concrete. Similar to the freestanding fencing, our post-driven option is available to rent in 4’, 6’, and 8’ heights. To help keep events as secure and private as is feasible, Event Factory Rentals also offers privacy slat panels as well as great shade cloth.

Besides chain-link, our Hobson Heights fence rental options also include white vinyl picket panels, black iron fences, and crowd control barricades. The white vinyl picket fences are a fantastic option for upscale events such as food festivals, musical performances, and weddings, where visual appeal is of the utmost importance. Able to be easily repositioned because of their freestanding nature, these sensational 3’8” high and 6’ wide panels produce a sense of tranquility and blend in very well in an array of different environments. Many customers employ this fencing to create perimeters, partition specific VIP areas within the event venue, and control the pathway of movement. Durable and appealing, our black iron fencing does a wonderful job of generating boundaries and delineating a space without hindering any feeling of openness. Another popular rental, our steel crowd control barricades are very easy to set up and assist in enhancing overall event security.

Top Fence Rentals near Hobson Heights in Ventura

Event Factory Rentals is proud to be thought of as a leading fence rental company for customers across Central and Southern California. Having had the opportunity to work on a variety of special outdoor events over time, our team has sincerely enjoyed helping the Ventura community, and providing unparalleled fence rentals for their locations. Anyone who has experienced the Event Factory Rentals Edge first hand will say that our Hobson Heights fence rentals are top of the line. To talk with one of our friendly team members about your upcoming event, please use our online contact form or call us at (805) 644-5592.