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Fans watching a music performance around our event rentals for concerts near Atascadero, California.

Across the country, concerts and music festivals continue to be among the most popular types of outdoor special events around. From Rock to Pop, Country, and beyond, people of all ages love singing and dancing along with their favorite performers. As a music event organizer, you have a number of important responsibilities to consider. Among these are making sure that guests have comfortable and hygienic restrooms to use, and keeping the venue itself safe, secure, and well organized.

This is where Event Factory Rentals comes in. Year after year, clients choose our company to provide their event rentals for concerts near Atascadero, California, because we offer premium portable toilets and temporary fencing at highly-competitive prices. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority, and we have complete confidence that our rentals and service will surpass your expectations.

Atascadero concert portable toilet rentals provided by Event Factory Rentals.
White vinyl picket fencing rented for a concert in Atascadero, CA.

Concert Porta Potties Near Me

Regardless of the number of people attending the concert, you want to make sure that guests have easy access to toilets and hand washing stations for proper sanitation. The last thing you want is for guests to feel uncomfortable with subpar facilities, or to grow frustrated spending a lot of time waiting for an available toilet instead of enjoying the music. With this in mind, Event Factory Rentals has a number of Atascadero concert porta potties available to meet your particular needs.

First is the Standard Portable Toilet, which is our high-quality base model. Many clients organizing outdoor concerts and music festivals, especially larger ones, like to rent our standard porta potties because they are fully functional while taking up a relatively small amount of space at the venue. While these concert event rentals near Atascadero don’t have the same “bells and whistles” as some of the other units, they are nevertheless pleasant to use. As these base potties do not come with an internal hand wash, you’ll want to rent some of our cost-effective Hand Wash Stations as well. If you’re interested in portable toilets with extra amenities, we have Deluxe Portable Toilets and Ultra Deluxe Portable Toilets for rent. These do come with built-in hand washing, along with soap & towel dispensers, higher-quality toilet paper, and more. Please note that if you prefer having toilets that flush, you’ll want to go with the Ultra Deluxe.

To help make sure that all concert attendees have quality restroom accommodations regardless of any disabilities, we also have ADA-Compliant Handicap Portable Toilets. These units were carefully designed with safety and comfort in mind, and are useful for parents attending shows with their young children. If you really want to go all out with your Atascadero portable toilet rentals for concerts and music festivals, we are pleased to offer three Luxury Restroom Trailers (the 2-Station Selfie, 4-Station Porta Lisa Plus Cottage, and 8-Station Cottage Restroom) that are incredibly spacious and come with a range of superior features that guests will be wowed by. Many music festival planners also appreciate our 3-Hole Hot & Cold Sink that is ideal for food preparation. Ultimately, no matter which units you rent, you can rest assured that they’ll all be carefully inspected and fully cleaned & sanitized prior to delivery at the venue.

Atascadero Music Festival Temporary Fencing

In addition to the porta potties, many music event planners also rent temp fences from our experienced company. As with the toilets, we have a number of fence rental options available depending on your venue requirements. Among our most popular temporary fencing solutions are the Freestanding Chain Link and Post-Driven Chain Link panels. Both of these are great for establishing perimeters/boundaries around and within the concert space. As the post-driven panels are fixed into the ground, they are generally better suited for security purposes than the freestanding ones. If you’d like to enhance privacy at the event, we recommend renting our effective Green Privacy Slat Panels or Shade Cloth which reduce visibility through the fencing.

Atascadero Barricades Rental

Other useful event fence rentals for concerts and music festivals near Atascadero are the White Vinyl Picket Fencing and Crowd Control Barricades. The vinyl panels are elegant, beautiful, and great for delineating special or VIP areas within the venue. While they are not ideal for security purposes, they do typically work well for directing crowds. As concertgoers can at times be overly enthusiastic (and sometimes even rowdy), the Crowd Control Barricades are helpful in keeping performers and fans safe by maintaining the distance between the stage and attendee areas.

Crowd control barricades, one of our event rentals for concerts and music festivals near Atascadero.
Man standing in front of our Luxury Restroom Trailer, among the Atascadero music festival and concert event rentals we supply.

Event Factory Rentals – Top Concert Toilet and Temp Fence Rental Company near Atascadero, California

The team at Event Factory Rentals is experienced, knowledgeable, and fully dedicated to helping make your concert or music festival a success. We’ve had the opportunity to work with many concert planners over the years, and have a clear understanding of what is required and what tends to work best. We all take great pride in our work, and always strive to provide the best value around with top-tier units and superior customer service. If you’re interested in Atascadero event rentals for concerts, we’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you. To learn more, and get a free, no-obligation price quote, please don’t hesitate to reach out online or call our office at (805) 462-1365 today.